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If you are someone cannot read or messages, and you want to me, you can leave me a here. No one else can view your , only you and myself. We can chat here in private. We can chat, we can make plans to meet, or you can just leave a to comment on my blog.

Most of my posts are not to be taken literally. They are symbolic. An expression of symbolism; poems, stories. Sometimes written in first person. To view YouTube videos. Highlight link and click open new tab.
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Don't you just love music
Publié :1/1/2020 9h54
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Friday favorites

Deep House

80's new wave

Infected Rain playlist

The Doors

Jimi Hendrix

van halen
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Donald Trump
Publié :14/1/2020 6h02
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I will continue to update with new videos.

Donald Trump: United States and Iran
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oh my God! I don't believe this just happened!
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It was cold out freezing cold as I was walking home from the store it was late at night maybe around 1 a.m. there was someone ahead of me which made me nervous I was in the city alone late at night it was a dangerous time to be out alone  

She turned pulled down her hood it was a woman she motioned to me to follow her she turned into a dark alley I would be a fool to follow her it was dark very narrow barely enough room to even walk it soon opened up to an area where there was a homeless person shivering in the cold as he sat against a dumpster the smell of rotting trash was in the air she opened a heavy metal door again motioning to me to follow her I thought of myself you are a fool I did it anyway  

I heard the heavy metal door slam shut behind me scaring the living shit out of me but it was warm inside there was another door this is where they would beat me and rob me of my money and throw me back out into the cold I followed her through the second door it was pitch-black I couldn't see a thing all I heard was moaning again it scared the fuck out of me I turn back to leave but there was no handle on the door no way to get out I was trapped my heart was pounding in my chest tears began to form in my eyes what have I gotten myself into  

My eyes soon adjusted to the darkness I began to see what was around me it was men and women throwing about the place enthralled in sex maybe a couple dozen men and women naked having sex somehow I had been drawn into a sex orgy the woman approached me she had taken off her clothing she started to strip me she reached for my cock to make it hard we moved to one of the mattresses that had been thrown about the floor she had me rock hard stiff she sucked on my cock she was amazing I've never been sucked like she sucked me I spun around to 69 her pussy tasted like honey I lost control I lick suck every inch of her I stuck my huge gigantic cock in her pussy and fuck fucked her 

Then men and women came over sticking their pussies and cocks in my face for me to lick and suck it lasted through the night the next morning I was given a card it said when the next orgy would take place I left that morning thinking oh my God! I don't believe this just happened!
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Don't you just love music
Publié :22/1/2020 10h02
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van halen
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one of her regular fucks
Publié :22/1/2020 8h09
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My eyes lifted from what I was reading they drifted when I saw her eyes were pinned the page she was reading mine moved back what I was reading I lifted my eyes again they drifted over her eyes were pinned on ! Our eyes met she smiled that's all it took to know we would sleep together tonight it was just a hangout place for her to pick up guys when their eyes met they knew she would bring them back to her place to fuck! I closed my book found myself next to her kissing her we drove over to her place she lived a couple of blocks down

Don't get your hopes up she was picky she didn't just meet anyone with her eyes even then there may or may not be a smile to take you home you had to perform to pass her test if you wanted to become her regular I guess I was lucky I passed the preliminary test I was accepted into the club of making it to her bed the pressure was on did I have what it took to be her regular fuck her on a regular basis she had a stable a stallions her fucks she would call them when we were done she had blown my mind she gave me a smile I made her list I could come back again I gave her my availability when I could come over I became one of her regular fucks

Kid Rock - So Hott
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Don't you just love music
Publié :21/1/2020 17h23
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Van Halen - EveryBody Wants Some

Van Halen - Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love
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Kim Iversen explains in Part 3 How To Spot wahhabism
Publié :21/1/2020 7h02
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Kim Iversen explains in Part 3 of wahhabism how to know wahhabism when you see it

Our Saudi Arabia Problem (Part 3) - How To Spot A...
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on the beach in front of a bright shining full moon
Publié :21/1/2020 3h53
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The ocean water was an aqua green the Sands of Crystal white she drifted above the water her breasts were exposed showing through her thinly covered bikini bathing suit she moved closer to me through the waves that hit her body she joined me on my beach towel we stripped off laying naked against each other we were already so hot for each other all I had to do was slip it in her do it right there on the beach in front of a bright shining full moon

Alex Hook ft. Rene - Right Now (Matvey Emerson Remix) | Video Edit
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Much much less than
Publié :21/1/2020 3h13
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They saw themselves as greater than While others were less than they put themselves above others while they themselves were much much less than for having done so those who speak of themselves as greater than are in reality much much less than those of whom they speak

It was a plastic World created by plastic people who had abandoned reality for a plastic existence something to be thrown away when used into the trash they would throw themselves it's a thing that exists in the stores where the waste is washed away shit! It's what I said to myself the next morning I woke up to this world!
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He is the greatest leader of this nation!
Publié :20/1/2020 16h08
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He is the greatest Patriot of this nation. He is the greatest leader this nation has ever seen. There is no one greater than he. This is not my opinion. This is a simple fact!

Martin Luther King, Jr.

I have a dream my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.

Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.

MLK Talks 'New Phase' Of Civil Rights Struggle, Months Before His Assassination | NBC News
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Monday's most favorite
Publié :20/1/2020 7h24
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Jimi Hendrix - May This Be Love

Third Stone From The Sun
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thoughts feelings
Publié :20/1/2020 6h53
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a negative comment is a simple projection of what you yourself think feel about yourself only positive thoughts feelings are about someone else another person the moment you say something negative something hurtful it is you speaking about how you feel think about yourself it is just the understanding of true reality of life all positive thoughts feelings are about others all negative thoughts feelings are about yourself

Infected Rain - Mold (Official Video)
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