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ABS Gloryhole fun on Chef Mentuer
Publié :14/2/2020 10h06
Dernière mise à jour :19/2/2020 21h49
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What would you like to see me do, or have me do to you if you're lucky enough to catch me kneeling at the hole adjacent to your booth? Make your selection below to give me an idea of what guys really want when they're standing with their cock through a hole in a wall with the expectation that a sexy married BBW wife like myself is ready to please them anonymously, unless you've got a really nice cock and then we can move things over to my room the super 8 motel!
suck your cock through the hole
let you peek at my naked body through the hole
let you suck my bOObs through the hole
let you finger my pussy through the hole
let you lick my pussy through the hole
let you grope me through the hole
let you finger my ass through the hole
let you into my booth to jerk off on me
let you into my motel room to watch me fuck
all of the above
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ABS fun this weekend in Biloxi
Publié :6/2/2020 19h17
Dernière mise à jour :9/2/2020 18h13
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so I had a great idea to get my Super bowl bet with Jay squared away. I'm going to order some pizza and take it with us or have it delivered if that's allowed lol and then place it with the lid open under the hole to catch as much man sauce on our pizza as I can or rather that which I don't swallow, theres always a dribble or more lol Anyway when Im done we will both eat the pizza and share with anyone else who may like a piece, and I mean that in more ways than the one lol see yall there hopefully, Brenda
p.s. I am going to leave our door to the booth we are in unlocked and open slightly so one or two lucky people can join me in their. I hope to have my bOObs groped and ravaged while Im gobbling up as much cock as I can! I would even entertain some light ass and pussy play with the right fella

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Anniversary Fun
Publié :28/1/2020 20h00
Dernière mise à jour :5/2/2020 20h16
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So my husband came up with a fun idea for our 20th anniversary, He suggested that he and I write down a bunch of sexual dares we'd like to see each other do all in the spirit of consensual sexual fun and place them in a his and her dare bucket respectively. A "fuck&suck" bucket LOL Each bucket will contain dares written on separate pieces of paper which we can choose as the game proceeds thru the night. These will range from my husband (from what I saw him write on one) daring me to walk into an adult bookstore wearing nothing but sexy crotch less nylons, high heels, a titty exposed teddy (see my pics) and a long over coat which I will need to remove once inside. Or as he explained when he caught me peeking at his 1st sexual adventure dare, situations that we think would be hot seeing each other do like for me, sucking a random guy off and taking his load in my mouth, giving three guys hand jobs, letting five guys grope my body then shower me in cum, letting two guys cover my face with cum and walk back to the car with it and into our hotel still wearing their loads, asking someone if they'd like to join us or watch, that kind of stuff. I cant wait to see the look on his face when he sees what I have in store for HIM in my bucket of sex dares, like French kissing me or sucking/licking my bOObs and nipples after I've completed one of his cum load tasks! If he or I fail to complete each others chosen dare then we get to ask for a sky's the limit fail pail pick which ramps up the dare of what the other has to do if they want to stay in league with the game or risk having to keep picking thus doing the others lust filled wants of seeing what the other is willing to do! It sounds very intriguing and so erotic. I cant wait to roll the dice to see who goes first and get this game going. Let me know if y'all have any thoughts on our adventure or any ideas which can make the game even hotter than I think its already becumming lol >>! happym; ...\8 happyf; (Y) \8b
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What position or situation would you...?
Publié :27/1/2020 22h12
Dernière mise à jour :11/2/2020 21h39
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What position or situation would you like to find me naked in?
hotel room with the door left open
outside tied to a tree
in adult bookstore booth
motel room tied up blindfolded with the door left open
your house
my house
swingers social
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Does anyone else like it when...
Publié :27/1/2020 21h54
Dernière mise à jour :14/2/2020 11h09
89 vues wife posts videos like this?
Let us know how yall feel! happyf; >>! ...\8 *Y* @!@ (Y) \8b >>!
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