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I Am A Slut Hear Me Roar !!!
Publié :20/1/2017 12h10
Dernière mise à jour :20/1/2020 19h12
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This is a repost. I am in the works of making a new blog format and this is a piece I will be using..Happy Friday Everyone!!

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My Luscious Lips !!! ( PIC)
Publié :6/10/2016 14h15
Dernière mise à jour :8/1/2020 22h46
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My Luscious Lips...They need to be licked and sucked..any other ideas?? Hahaha..Happy Day Everyone!!!
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If I Offended You I Apologize !
Publié :21/1/2020 10h04
Dernière mise à jour :21/1/2020 16h24
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Hello Guys , Gals, Friends and Pals. I was having a problem sleeping last night so I thought I would catch up on my blog. To my dismay I discovered that my recent blog giveaway and photos were reported as being offensive. Other bloggers have a issue with my photos and contests. I am used to being attacked but trying to shut down my blog or cam shows is ridiculous. I have been giving away points for 4 years . I will continue do so. I am completely honest with sharing my thoughts and feelings. I use my own photos. I am always kind to others. If I offended you I apologize. I'm just trying to make blog and camland a fun place.
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Hottievilles's Brand New Point Giveaway!!!!
Publié :20/1/2020 8h33
Dernière mise à jour :21/1/2020 15h59
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Happy Moan Day Naughty friends. Brand new week. You know what that means. Let's giveaway more points. This week I will be granting seven lucky winners seven hundred points from me. All you have to do is comment. Deadline is January 26th at midnight. Good luck everyone

Let's say congrats to last week winners
Desir4Fire.. Happy Birthday Sexy Friend

Please enter my beautiful friends contests too
January Points Giveaway
Points Giveaway Over and over and over
Valentines Giveaway Contest
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How Many Years Have You Been A Member Of This Site?
Publié :18/1/2020 10h58
Dernière mise à jour :21/1/2020 15h19
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Hello Naughty Friends..
I recently celebrated seven years of being on this site. I would say I have been active for about five . Made me curious ....I wonder what the average of years a person participates on this site ? Is it a ongoing membership or are you someone who is a returning member? Below I made a selection of answers however I was not able to separate gender or couple. So I would love for you to make a comment and share the of years you have been participating and your gender . That would be fabulous. Happy day to ya!

* Have you entered my current giveaway ? Here is the link Hottie39s Mid January Point Giveaway Contest
I been a member for one year or less
I been a member for two years
I have been a member for three years
I have been a member for four years
I have been a member for five years
I have been a member for six years
I have been a member for seven years
I have been a member for eight years
I have been a member for nine years
I have been a member ten years plus
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Are you more attracted to a woman because of her confidence or body type??
Publié :16/1/2020 10h45
Dernière mise à jour :21/1/2020 16h23
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I never have been a skinny . I have been average, curvy, thick, and now I have crossed over a very small BBW. Confession I am very good with camera angles. Truth be told I am having a difficult time adapting to body. They say beauty comes in all shape and sizes. What I have learned throughout the years is the key sexiness is confidence. Yes your body is your temple however it is your mind that is your biggest sexual organ. I am seductive, sensual, erotic, and some people say I am smart too. Imagine that! I have all these qualities that has nothing to do with the size of body yet men are still find me attractive. It is other women that are the most judgemental. They will be the ones fat shame you and tell you that a man is settling be a " fat" . That we are not desirable. I understand that is their personal opinion
however I wonder if other lady friends on feel like we are the ones bringing eachother down. So are questions .. Honesty is the best policy. Are you more attracted a woman by her confidence or body type? Is it the combo of both? Or are you someone loves all shapes and sizes because what makes someone beautiful is their mind? I would love hear your input. Happy Thursday ya!

Have you entered current giveaway? is the link

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Hottie's Mid January Point Giveaway Contest
Publié :13/1/2020 10h27
Dernière mise à jour :21/1/2020 2h54
6372 vues

Lets say congrats last week winners

Some of my beautiful blogger friends are having giveaways as well!!
Here are the links
January Points Giveaway
Points Giveaway Over and over and over
Valentines Giveaway Contest
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Hottie's Brand New Weekly Point Giveaway 1/6- 1/12
Publié :6/1/2020 10h14
Dernière mise à jour :14/1/2020 9h39
10431 vues

Last week winners are
Love My Toys

My beautiful friends are having point giveaways as well. I will be linking their pages below.
January Points Giveaway
Points Giveaway Over and over and over
Valentines Giveaway Contest
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Brand New Year Brand New Attitude!
Publié :5/1/2020 10h36
Dernière mise à jour :21/1/2020 13h25
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It was a lot easier meet people on this site before I became a exhibitionist. People have a preconceived notion 5 minutes after meeting me I will take panties off and fuck you like a porn star. Unfortunately it does not work way. I am someone who can not build chemistry on a dick pic alone . I am also someone who is not going meet you after a one conversation.
I met a man coffee last week Yes I stepped outside box and I am putting myself out there Before I meet someone I always tell them rules. We meet in a public place. We go dutch. I do not become intimate on the first meet. I can not imagine how awkward it could be meeting someone for the first time at a hotel. ,Discovering you have no chemistry or they are not who they portrayed themselves be. When it comes internet / hook up you can never be overly cautious.
The man I met agreed these terms. However when we parted our ways he made a scene. Demanding I go the car and give him a blowjob. Treating like a cheap whore. Im so embarrassed I will not be getting coffee particular place
Do you think rules are too strict? I definitely know I am worth waiting .

Brand New Year Brand NewHair Maybe Ill have better luck as a feisty red brunette
What do you think?

Did you enter year giveaway. . is a lin..[post 42868]
Remember beautiful friends are having point giving away contests as,well. They are linked on contest page. We are SUPPORT eachother. So stop trying to pit us against eachother. .thats lame.
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Natural vs Fake Breasts... What Do You Prefer?
Publié :2/1/2020 10h17
Dernière mise à jour :18/1/2020 12h42
16443 vues

This is question of the wee..
In the porn industry boobs are pretty prominent. It is pretty much all you see. I would say the about strip clubs, hollywood, and instragram. This is what society claims what sexiness should be. However in polls, magazine articles, and casual conversation with men they claim they prefer the natural breast. boobs might be more visually enticing . Natural breasts are softer and have more of a bounce them. So it made curious naughty friends..What kind of breast s do you prefer ..natural, . or do you have no preference at all. I would love hear your opinions. Happy Thursday Everyone

* I wish the polls gave more options. I no means am trying not not include the TS/TV/TG community. So please comment so we can hear your opinions

* Did you enter Year Giveaway. The Deadline is January th. is the Lin
Hottie39s Mid January Point Giveaway Contest
I am a man I prefer natural breasts
I am a man I prefer fake breasts
I am a man I have no preference
I am a woman I like natural breasts
I am a woman I like fake breasts
I am a woman I have no preference
We are a couple we like natural breasts
We are a couple we like fake breasts
We are a couple we do not have a preference
I do not like breasts
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Hot's New Years Points Giveaway. 12/30-1/5
Publié :30/12/2019 9h01
Dernière mise à jour :14/1/2020 13h00
13795 vues
Happy Moooaaan Day Naughty Friends!! Brand New Wee. Brand New Point Giveaway.
This Week For New I Will Be Granting Lucky Winners Five Hundred Points From . All You Have Do Is Comment Enter, Deadline Is Sunday Jan 5 Midnight. Good Luck Everyone.

Congrats Last Weeks Winners..

My beautiful friends are having point giveaways also.
Here are their links
Valentines Giveaway Contest
January Points Giveaway
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I Just Want To Find Inner Peace...
Publié :28/12/2019 15h28
Dernière mise à jour :20/1/2020 15h32
13162 vues
I feel invisible in the outside world. I have learned to feel comfortable in my loneliness. I trade my joy for my protection. I do not know how to accept love without rejecting it. I hide behind my defense mechanisms to feel safe, however I am not. My mind and my conscience is my own worst enemy. I carry a lot of burdens. I feel worthless and embarrassed of I am. 3 years ago I was so confident and sexually liberated. That is not the person I see in the mirror anymore. I just wish I knew how to give away their power of what they did to me and move on. I want to reconnect with my inner slut without feeling shame or guilt. I just want to feel inner peace. Hopefully the year 2020 I will learn to accept me.

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Would You Consider Yourself A.......?
Publié :27/12/2019 15h04
Dernière mise à jour :18/1/2020 12h43
17949 vues

Would you consider yourself a voyeur, a exhibitionist or a combination of both?
I am a combo of both. I gain sexual pleasure from watching others. I also get aroused when I know people are watching . What about you? Are you a voyeur, exhibitionist or a combo of both? If you are a combination of both what turns you on the most? I would love for you share Happy Frisky Friday Naughty Friends.

Have you entered current giveaway? is the link ..... Hottie39s Mid January Point Giveaway Contest
I am a man I am a voyeur
I am a man I am a exhibitionist
I am a man I am a combination of both
I am a woman I am a voyeur
I am a woman I am a exhibitionist
I am a woman I am a combination of both
We are a couple we are voyeurs
We are a couple. We are exhibitionists
We are a couple. We a the combination of both
I am not a voyeur or exhibitionist
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