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Publié :25/7/2019 7h45
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Caption this....& win 200 points
Publié :4/11/2019 5h15
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Caption this pic and you could win 200 points!
Enter as many times as you wish, be funny, creative or sassy.

The winner will be awarded 05/11/2019.

Good Luck!
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Kissing Sunday
Publié :3/11/2019 11h24
Dernière mise à jour :9/11/2019 11h06
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The amazing affect caused by lips touching lips or skin... incredible to feel.
A powerful message of want, conveyed without any words.
Demanding, wet, coercive...makes you want more.

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Wet dreaming
Publié :31/10/2019 7h20
Dernière mise à jour :3/11/2019 17h05
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Had a dream last night,
slow and intense...

I was open to you for your exploration,
Body laid bare , begging for the touch
You unrushed, came between my legs,
Fingers gently parting for your prize
Laid your warm, wet tongue, slowly dragging it up
Collecting my juices for your sampling
You smiled with the first swallow,
The slow, attentive tongue lashing begins
Everything feels wet, my clit , pussy , your tongue, fingers
There is a growing ache in my loins
My God I want your fingers inside of me
Just two, to claim my prize
It is a torturous climb of passion in my head,
as you have your way , slowly , intently
My back bows, tightening limbs, ready to launch
Fingers pressing in, almost feels too good
Pleasure and panic that I may cum too soon
I gasp for air as you move me to next level
Curling fingers take a rhythm
You're in control now and I must go with you
No pauses, just the intense build up
The roller coaster before the big drop,
I look around see clouds
My juices running down your fingers, tickle you
Now you must feed on my orgasm
"Cum baby" whispered against my lips is all I need
Permission to sprint , my body takes control
My hips dance in ways that even makes me blush
My moans quit as I grind in the last seconds of the climb
then tip....
Bursting, cascading down - I cum
Sweet release... panting, gushing, my thighs tremble
You bathe in it, reveling in the accomplishment, the lust
Damp hands smooth over my hips , calming them down
You come up to for air, smiling
I greedily kiss , tasting myself...and you at the same time
You like me exploring your tongue
Feeling your hardness deepen and I know,
The ride has just begun
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Publié :29/10/2019 7h22
Dernière mise à jour :3/11/2019 17h06
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Something so delicious about a hand exploring your skin, your body, your moist secrets....yum! Your insistence makes me want more.

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Hot sexy showers
Publié :28/10/2019 11h42
Dernière mise à jour :8/11/2019 5h39
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Anyone up for a hot shower to wash away all the drama?
Or maybe create a little drama of your own just adding water.
Getting clean never looked so good.

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POV Hotness
Publié :23/10/2019 9h08
Dernière mise à jour :24/10/2019 6h09
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There is something so hot about POV (point of view) imagery.

A clear view of your tool in action makes you get harder.
All the delicious details unfolding before you...yum!
Whether for real or reliving the experience...
nothing comes close to such a turn on.

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Pussy Peek
Publié :21/10/2019 9h32
Dernière mise à jour :8/11/2019 5h40
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Doing something a bit different today...and yes this is my pussy.

A slight deviation from the usual " generic internet" images some are complaining about. Frankly most personal expressions of eroticism, fun, quirkiness or just 'what's on your mind' is appreciated.

Hope the sharing and cool vibes stay alive in 'Blogland' (one of the best parts of Gay Personals in my humble opinion)
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Freakyness, kinks and fetishes
Publié :20/10/2019 8h10
Dernière mise à jour :4/11/2019 18h39
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Many might want regular 'vanilla' sex however there is a subset of folks looking for out-of-the-box pleasures.

Whether someone wants to see armpits or the soles of your feet, asks if you'll be their submissive or dominate them, how many of you are using this site to explore something extra?
Yes, looking to fulfill my specific kink/fetish desires...any taker?
Yes, figuring things out / explore my freaky side ...learning as I go
No, there are other sites specifically for that!
Going with the flow...into anything that gets me some action
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Your best one-liner = 200 points
Publié :19/10/2019 10h12
Dernière mise à jour :4/11/2019 18h37
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Post your best one-liner in response the pic - the lovely lady at the bar.

Be sexy, witty, funny, creative,romantic, etc and see if you win 200 points.

Enter as many times as you like and also rate other comments.

Good Luck!
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Your input = 300 points
Publié :11/10/2019 5h17
Dernière mise à jour :21/10/2019 11h13
7894 vues
This is a simple story just waiting for your input....

1. Make a comment, adding 1 or 2 sentences to the story, continuing where the last comment left off. (You must read the comments before inputting yours)

You could win 300 points for your creative .

- You must the story where the LAST commenter left off, comments do not develop the story being told will be deleted.

- Have fun, be creative...let's see where this story leads.

(Please do not input any graphic violence, or other distasteful acts - this is for some light-hearted fun!)

" She was enjoying how the cool water flowed over her naked skin, tingling in places where she least expected. Closing her eyes she laid back, basking in the sensation, when suddenly..."
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Erotic responses
Publié :8/10/2019 12h42
Dernière mise à jour :21/10/2019 7h25
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The body responds in such erotic ways it's virtually impossible ignore the signals...
What responses do you look forward ?

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Sexual Healing
Publié :7/10/2019 6h23
Dernière mise à jour :9/11/2019 11h12
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Most would think the main objective of this site is get laid...

Is the sexual healing you crave only about release or are there other motivations?
I'm here to get my rocks off; sex for release only.
I'm here to be desired/wanted; sex gets me attention.
I'm looking for a connection; sex is a bonus.
I'm here because I'm bored; sex is a distraction.
I'm here to experiment/explore; sex to gain experience
None of the above
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