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Mrscoco34 39F
22 posts
11/7/2019 1:58 pm

Cum all over

Stud918 56M
119 posts
11/7/2019 2:03 pm

Anywhere you want it

OPOralLover 48M  
27 posts
11/7/2019 2:11 pm

Cum in your mouth more than once

Solfan55 65M  
347 posts
11/7/2019 2:11 pm

I'm going to put my money on "cum for me more than once" in this poll.

Allhard4u50 58M
554 posts
11/7/2019 2:13 pm

Cum wherever you want.....

Atlanta_Gigolo 50M
10 posts
11/7/2019 2:14 pm

Just because society thinks "Whore" is bad word doesn't make us bad. We do what we like. They do what they like.

I don't care what people call me. I'll continue to do what I like and enjoy and I wish more people are like you and I go out and do what we like.

ed6569 49M
52 posts
11/7/2019 2:17 pm

you would look like a glazed donut, your face is beautiful! {=}...\8

Jayrsfsd 54M
11 posts
11/7/2019 2:22 pm

Without a doubt multiple times. You are gorgeous.

OurSecret119 47M
86 posts
11/7/2019 2:24 pm

Anywhere,everywhere, as many times as you wanted!

jayb1313 51M  
11 posts
11/7/2019 2:24 pm

One of the times would be in your mouth

Spidey604 42M
69 posts
11/7/2019 2:31 pm

mouth is hot, but when getting sucked for foreplay---i want pussy

fightfire365 49M
357 posts
11/7/2019 2:31 pm

I'd cum anyplace you wanted me to

Msmealsonheels 26F  
630 posts
11/7/2019 2:37 pm

Would anyone who posted here be interested in owning the Brooklyn Bridge, land sitting on top of a vast undiscovered oil and gas reserves, or maybe a real gold mine?

sphxdiver 70M  
21076 posts
11/7/2019 3:04 pm

Anywhere you'd like !!

h4rry66 53M
1080 posts
11/7/2019 3:12 pm

Come for you repeatedly. In your mouth, in your pussy, up your arse, on your breasts and everywhere. Would you like that? X

benard69 63M/63F  
4895 posts
11/7/2019 3:46 pm

undercover_bi469 55M
530 posts
11/7/2019 4:18 pm

In all your holes, then lick the cum out of each of them. I would go down on you after a gang bang! I would love to take you to a club, let you service as many guys as you want as long as I get to clean you up afterwards!

Haarlemlover 49M
13 posts
11/7/2019 4:30 pm

Cum in your mouth would be great

s2ndegree 61M  
9654 posts
11/7/2019 4:43 pm

Before any of that took place
I'd have to get verification that you are indeed a woman.

Using more than all the road!

thikhead 62M
2040 posts
11/7/2019 4:47 pm

trick question !

thats not an "either or",

its a YES and YES

Hotbodman_4play 53M
374 posts
11/7/2019 6:16 pm

I would cum for you multiple times. Where you wanted me to fill you, mouth, pussy or just shoot it on to your tits. I want you to watch me cum. Watch my face, hear my moans of delight. If I cum inside your pussy I want you to feel the throbbing intensity of my orgasm while looking me in my blue eyes.

Fuklikedogs 48M
1532 posts
11/7/2019 7:12 pm

Sweetie......anywhere you need it

newcuriousbivirg 53M  
131 posts
11/7/2019 8:18 pm

I would rather make you cum as often as you would like.

jerseyjimi 55M  
48 posts
11/8/2019 1:45 am


allnitelong2063 56M
195 posts
11/8/2019 5:22 am


labattss 60M
10 posts
11/8/2019 7:13 am

Well sweetheart as gorgeous as you are I would do just about anything you wanted me too!

chopper6921 51M
2483 posts
11/8/2019 7:43 am

Love to especiallly with you on face, my mouth & tongue involved as well. My hands on your hip licking your clit

letsgettogeth119 59M

11/8/2019 8:57 am

What matters is your pleasures. I'll leave it up to you to where I cum..

old_stick 57M
21 posts
11/8/2019 8:59 am

That's a daft question I'd cum until you ran me dry

DiscoverMidlife 54M
124 posts
11/8/2019 8:59 am

I want to cum many times so I can get all of you!

Desir4Fire 45M
2176 posts
11/8/2019 10:29 am

The answer is a no brainer!!
The more I cum, the more you cum!
The more we both enjoy!!

HallPassInLowell 54M
126 posts
11/8/2019 10:30 am

I would fuck you over and over until I couldn't cum anymore, and then have you pound your pussy up and down on me as hard and fast as you wanted until you couldn't fuck me any longer.

Lasttry731 40M
57 posts
11/8/2019 10:36 am

Definitely cum more than once.....in every hole.

VikklLouisecd 71T
16 posts
11/8/2019 1:28 pm

any time, any where, and any day you like. hopefully all weekend. actually every day Sweetie.

fellatiofan4u2 50M
14 posts
11/8/2019 1:40 pm

First I will eat πŸ˜‹ your sweet pussy until you are begging me to stop...and then if you would like me to I will fill all of your holes with a big hot sticky load at least once.... whatever you desire is my mantra...a lady's pleasure is always my greatest pleasure

fellatiofan4u2 50M
14 posts
11/8/2019 1:44 pm

[post 4267773] First I would eat your sweet pussy until you are begging me to stop and then I will fill you with a big hot sticky load in your mouth , pussy and ass if you so desire... whatever you desire...a lady's pleasure is my greatest pleasure πŸ˜‹

Tryingagain9998 34M
32 posts
11/8/2019 1:52 pm

Multiple times would be the best.

hardcorefantasy1 28M
2 posts
11/8/2019 3:34 pm

Definitely would want to fuck you multiple times! Would love to cum in your mouth, but also in your pussy, over your tits, in your ass, wherever you love to have cum!

xxxgreatimes69 38M  
105 posts
11/8/2019 4:40 pm

Although I would fuck you, talk about attention seeking! Not getting anything from anyone in the real world?

iraduu 43M
2694 posts
11/8/2019 5:55 pm

my dick very hungry for fucking your pussy veryyyy niceeee

BulldogGuy13 43M
72 posts
11/8/2019 6:14 pm

I would cum in all three holes.

missmarvel69 47T
31 posts
11/8/2019 6:36 pm

Best to spread it around

1quietguy35404 70M
337 posts
11/8/2019 6:51 pm

Cum as much as I could. In all 3 holes

1quietguy35404 70M
337 posts
11/8/2019 7:13 pm

Cum as much as I can you have 3 sex holes

Nicolecd1966 53T
48 posts
11/8/2019 8:02 pm

I would love to make you cum more than once too!! Want you to enjoy it as much as me!!

likkalot60 59M
78 posts
11/8/2019 9:50 pm

How ever you want, when ever you want.

Shyguynyc5 43M
65 posts
11/9/2019 1:02 am

Both !!

Annabel_Lee19 99F  
99 posts
11/9/2019 4:30 am

This seems like it is written by a 22year old male college dropoutπŸ€”

We are all unhappy at different timesπŸ•§πŸ•πŸ•œπŸ•‘πŸ•πŸ•’πŸ•ž

MrDuquesne5 45M
17 posts
11/9/2019 5:00 am

ii would work on ur body making u cum as much as possible until u said no more no more

Geiler_Bi_Lover 55M
114 posts
11/9/2019 5:14 am

so sexy and hot Lady

56creampielover 63M
131 posts
11/9/2019 5:49 am

cum in your mouth then kiss your lovely lips

Go_Down_Cowboy_2 58M
371 posts
11/9/2019 6:58 am

YES!!! In you, On you, All over you!!!

furry7890 47M
56 posts
11/9/2019 7:39 am

i would cum where ever you want me to...\8

iraduu 43M
2694 posts
11/9/2019 8:10 am

deliicous fucking. send me please 5 points

Fuklikedogs 48M
1532 posts
11/9/2019 8:34 am

Came back to vote and cum again

jimoneball5 61M
112 posts
11/9/2019 8:35 am

Oh yes, and provide you with multiple orgasms as well. A day long affair!

Fuklikedogs 48M
1532 posts
11/9/2019 8:36 am

Friend me please and then share your sexy pictures with me from the other coast sweetie

bitchkitty2017 67F  
5142 posts
11/9/2019 9:31 am

    Quoting s2ndegree:
    Before any of that took place
    I'd have to get verification that you are indeed a woman.
agreed ..because you never know who is behind any pic could be a man or woman and could be a fake ass robot...

bitchkitty2017 67F  
5142 posts
11/9/2019 9:33 am

    Quoting Annabel_Lee19:
    This seems like it is written by a 22year old male college dropoutπŸ€”
lol thats a good one and seems the guys all fall for them ..ha ha ha

southernguy0037 38M
13 posts
11/9/2019 11:18 am

Definitely cum more than once.. maybe a few times in your mouth Lola's. Long as you cum in mine when I'm licking your pussy 😜

openmoon5 57M
4 posts
11/9/2019 12:35 pm

Cum in your ass

4FunPlayfriend 40M
121 posts
11/9/2019 1:11 pm

Would definitely cum more then once inside your pussy, ass, and mouth where ever you want it

22 posts
11/9/2019 2:29 pm


Acquaman2019 43M
25 posts
11/9/2019 2:55 pm

poi dipende....

Texasbottom4u 57M
21 posts
11/9/2019 3:17 pm

And any where you wanted

Do_U_enjoy_69er 60M  
4 posts
11/9/2019 4:19 pm

I would love to cum in your ass !

NudeBeachBum72 68M/62F  
16 posts
11/9/2019 7:02 pm

I love giving a woman a lot of fucking for hours if she is up to it!

NudeBeachBum72 68M/62F  
16 posts
11/9/2019 7:04 pm

And hours worth!

clamdigger6669 52M
53 posts
11/9/2019 9:43 pm

Would cum wherever you want.

Fido3429 45M
17 posts
11/9/2019 10:19 pm

I would live to cum all night with you

tryme992012 60M
46 posts
11/9/2019 11:40 pm

I will cum for you over and over

newfunguy14 51M

11/10/2019 2:40 am

Once all over you and once in your mouth!!

Blueboys57 62M  
50 posts
11/10/2019 4:56 am

All day long my dear.

Ronbin32 27M
46 posts
11/10/2019 4:58 am

vc sentindo prazer por mim em qualquer lugar

Sindeeblack 48T  
12 posts
11/10/2019 5:24 am

Share cum with you


Luv2bottom4u2 62M  
1465 posts
11/10/2019 7:30 am

Hummm for someone who is suppose to luv to fuck and luvs sex, you have a massive amount of pics of you. But none of you fuckin ?????

Is this just a photo shoot, I wonder !!!!!!!!!

rm_Jarhd2841 57M
44 posts
11/10/2019 8:00 am

I would cum in and on you

rm_Jarhd2841 57M
44 posts
11/10/2019 8:01 am

When can I?

13 posts
11/10/2019 8:16 am

I would cum in you and on you as much as you want.

Kanatacock 50M
133 posts
11/10/2019 8:53 am

To be truthful, I'm going to cum in you mouth while you give me the best blowjob ever. After that I'm going to eat your pussy until you scream in ecstasy then we are going to fuck until we are both cumming tigether

BiGuy4U53 57M
161 posts
11/10/2019 8:54 am

i would cum many time anywhere anytime anyplace anyhole. it would be an honor

hornybbc69 60M
80 posts
11/10/2019 9:45 am

Without a doubt multiple times. your amazing lol

harleylicker413 62M
117 posts
11/10/2019 12:13 pm

it sure would be a shame if i wasn't allowed to do both !

ChillMurray22 24M
24 posts
11/10/2019 2:52 pm

Multiple times, filing multiple holes

useful_tool_4u 47M
22 posts
11/10/2019 4:02 pm

give you a nice glaze

Hungforall54 27M
29 posts
11/10/2019 4:40 pm

That’s a tough question. Could one be in the mouth haha

Whatsuptonight33 19M/19F
5 posts
11/10/2019 6:29 pm

Eat that pussy with my cum on your face

152 posts
11/11/2019 5:26 am

what ever it would take to make you cum

hillcountryman60 60M
154 posts
11/11/2019 5:34 am

I would love to blow loads in all your holes and start over.

calbird 47M
28 posts
11/11/2019 7:26 am

I would go for as long as I am able.

satin4me62 63M  
17 posts
11/11/2019 7:45 am

4267773 If I ever had the chance, you could have me do what ever you want

tomcutt4fun2 55M
19 posts
11/11/2019 8:03 am

Portland ME....here I cum!

rt23guy 45M
54 posts
11/11/2019 8:37 am

Cum more than once! Why finish with once?

maybe1932 65M/50F
23 posts
11/11/2019 9:13 am

I'd fuck you on the court house steps with my wife beating me on my back!!!

EatHer265 49M
62 posts
11/11/2019 9:14 am

Would Love to Feed You my Warm Cum!!πŸ’—

UTMFun 55M
3 posts
11/11/2019 9:29 am

I would go as long as you wanted.

brandini734 25M
148 posts
11/11/2019 9:39 am

Why not both?

exhibicionista46 44M
156 posts
11/11/2019 11:22 am

Mmmmm, how beautiful you are where you ask me moaning with pleasure

MufMunchHer 58M
33 posts
11/11/2019 3:26 pm

I would do both more than once.

1951Friday 68M
13 posts
11/11/2019 4:06 pm

Is this really a question?

Thebigntall 30M
48 posts
11/11/2019 4:25 pm

Lets give it a try

Ohiomalelooking5 60M  
7 posts
11/11/2019 5:58 pm

I'd cum where ever you'd let me....\8

Dontbgentle2 51M
18 posts
11/11/2019 6:33 pm

.multiple and everywhere!

newsubby101 50M  
142 posts
11/11/2019 6:43 pm

Cum for you as much as you want and anywear you want

SuckMy8Plus 54M
223 posts
11/11/2019 6:52 pm

I's CUM al over you.

bushmastermc 52M
45 posts
11/11/2019 7:29 pm

Your mouth.. be a good start anyhow

johnnydoesall69 49F
14 posts
11/11/2019 7:32 pm

Do you happen to have a sister ?

SexOnMyMindWithU 46M
22 posts
11/11/2019 7:39 pm

Hell with the fucking. I would rather eat her out for as long as possible!

Iceking6996 34M
23 posts
11/11/2019 10:59 pm

Firehose multiple times

Ackerson35 25M
36 posts
11/12/2019 12:50 am

Sexy I would love to cum all over your face

Theseo00 44M
163 posts
11/12/2019 6:37 am

Anything that would please you

Maineuglydude 59M
1 post
11/12/2019 8:01 am

I would love to cum in your mouth while you sit on my face so you can cum all over my face

Seanstrd69 52M  
16 posts
11/12/2019 8:25 am

When the sex was still good with my ex, we used to practically make a whole day out of it, just staying naked in the bedroom and keep going at it round after round, oral/69 her on top, me on top, doggie etc. that is what I would love to experience with you.

Onehotlady13 56F  
14 posts
11/12/2019 8:31 am

If this was my poll that I created I would love it more than once 😍

Today is a good day for a good day!

niceguyniceunit2 49M
43 posts
11/12/2019 9:04 am

Multiple times, for sure. Like, 4-6....

dayzer169 65M  
21 posts
11/12/2019 9:39 am

I wood \8 want to make you cum several times by licking your pussy lips and sucking your clit between my lips and tongue 69 times LOL before I even cum once. I wood \8 as YOU WHERE do YOU want me to cum and then your wish is my command And MORE Than ONCE Yeah baby

abbotbear68 51M
6 posts
11/12/2019 10:34 am

I wish I could choose both options...

Oralandy53 66M
75 posts
11/12/2019 12:19 pm

Would love to come in your mouth

one4me_three4you 59M
12 posts
11/12/2019 3:41 pm

Until I'm drained and then some.

lifeigreat 57M  
67 posts
11/12/2019 5:54 pm

how about both

NewLustyFool 49M
23 posts
11/12/2019 6:34 pm

Oh, I think you could make me cum several times!

HedonicHeathen 52M
200 posts
11/13/2019 4:13 am

On principle I disagree*.

Would you feel fucked then?

*capable of multiple disagreements

FantasyMan532 59M
60 posts
11/13/2019 5:10 am

Any where you want

luv4me45 55M
27 posts
11/13/2019 6:34 am

I would luv to cum for you

glenbiman 56M
36 posts
11/13/2019 9:15 am

Would cum anywhere you want Sexy

MonsterCacti 34M
437 posts
11/13/2019 9:58 am

I would cum in your pussy over and over

Juiciechocolate 41M/42F
21 posts
11/13/2019 11:10 am

I would love to cum in your mouth!

FatSevenCOCK 38M
1 post
11/13/2019 11:57 am

cum all over you and rub it on your ass

Showyouinsac 45M
78 posts
11/13/2019 1:02 pm

I wish there was an option for both.

Casquetin14 45M  
30 posts
11/13/2019 1:04 pm

You forgot the third choice... Come for me more than once anywhere and everywhere!

badboy3819652 54M
135 posts
11/13/2019 2:00 pm

I would love to cum in all your holes and finally all over your gorgeous face

BolivarMOuy 47M
37 posts
11/13/2019 2:20 pm

ladies' choice on where and how.

I am what I am because it is what I am.

apole4ahole 55M
33 posts
11/13/2019 2:26 pm

Preferably both and repeatedly gorgeous.

ItsABiThing 49M
18 posts
11/13/2019 3:13 pm

I'd wanna cum over and over again and again...

jcnsc4u 40M
25 posts
11/13/2019 3:59 pm

Many times.m..you are worth it

hardman4322 29M
14 posts
11/13/2019 9:38 pm

cumm in your booty

SWOhioGuy75 45M
21 posts
11/13/2019 9:56 pm

Can I do both? lol

Still_lookin_59 60M
73 posts
11/13/2019 11:18 pm

whateva works for you

May your reality be a kind one.

Sexczy69 64M
2535 posts
11/14/2019 5:13 am

If was doing you anytime I wanted I not have time to cum in your mouth? We need to stop doing it and you have to do me!!!

calbird 47M
28 posts
11/14/2019 6:25 am

I am in the Portland area as well

247hornyforu 45M  
4 posts
11/14/2019 7:12 am

Will cum in your mouth and let you swallow my load.

StillBoredinTx 43M
37 posts
11/14/2019 9:22 am

Multiple times, anytime.

Hardcocknme2 43M
45 posts
11/14/2019 10:23 am

I would swallow every last bit of ur love juice i its a fair exchange i like to b fucked or given the same treatment in return so my question is how big is ur strap on an can we share my love juice not greedy just i know how delicious i am u would have to let me lick me off u after of course u have been satisfied

Hardcocknme2 43M
45 posts
11/14/2019 10:24 am

Hope that wasnt to much i just get into it

mtlpleasure4you 59M
1 post
11/14/2019 10:46 am

the pleasure to cum more than once and anywhere is my choice.

Piper3654K 49M
71 posts
11/14/2019 11:15 am

Would I agree with what? I'm confused by the title.

lookn4some__fun 57M
32 posts
11/14/2019 11:41 am

Cumming in you more than once would be a dream come true. Mouth, pussy and ass!

niceguy26272 57M
65 posts
11/14/2019 3:23 pm

As many times as I could, anywhere you wanted it? Post 4267773

exhibicionista46 44M
156 posts
11/14/2019 3:30 pm

cum where you want

LonelyHusband484 39M
13 posts
11/14/2019 5:13 pm

Love to cum in all your holes

PleasureMan6002 35M
12 posts
11/14/2019 5:59 pm

fill your ass

Apollorising58 59M  
4106 posts
11/14/2019 6:39 pm


Become an Apollorising58 watcher!

Reynolds221 49M
45 posts
11/14/2019 9:47 pm

OF course cum more than once

Reynolds221 49M
45 posts
11/14/2019 9:48 pm

Of course cum more than once

wanttoplay858 61M/63F
14 posts
11/14/2019 10:46 pm

of course

29 posts
11/15/2019 12:28 am

Once would have to be in your mouth!

grayeagle6318 56M
18 posts
11/15/2019 3:03 am

I'd cum in all 3 holes for you

1Trying2play 53M/53F  
3 posts
11/15/2019 5:24 am

More than once for sure! Cumming now thinking about it!!

Don6024 60M
38 posts
11/15/2019 6:50 am

As many times as possibld..your pleasure is the most important thing

2canchewtoo 46M
16 posts
11/15/2019 8:42 am

I would cum in your mouth and then ride your pussy and fill it will cum too

HardyBuddy 31M
3 posts
11/15/2019 9:11 am

Dear i would cum for you until it comes out dry

giveme006 33M
15 posts
11/15/2019 11:48 am

Where ever and however many times you want!

ur_Black_desire 50M
56 posts
11/15/2019 1:34 pm

Cuming in your pussy again and again!

xlyflip 26M
13 posts
11/15/2019 2:55 pm

cum again and again for you babe

Kanatacock 50M
133 posts
11/15/2019 5:49 pm

The poll question is not fair. I will if course cum for you more than once but the first load goes in your mouth

H0rn3yguy66 53M
308 posts
11/15/2019 7:04 pm

Definately cum more than once- which would you prefer?

glu04 50M
183 posts
11/16/2019 1:06 am

will come as much as you want and anywhere you want

loveme12270 49M
55 posts
11/16/2019 1:14 am

I'd do both...continuously, every day, 4eva

1countrey1 63M
14 posts
11/16/2019 1:46 am

Sweetheart I would have you begging me to stop! I'm a Leo I'm sure you understand. the cum would be flying all over

garykaye 55M/56F
11 posts
11/16/2019 4:27 am

mouth first

Gregg_wolram 55M
14 posts
11/16/2019 6:32 am

I would cum for uoi more than once, but lick you clean each time...

mxzer 53M
4 posts
11/16/2019 10:05 am

would enjoy the opportunity to fuck all of you. to cum in you multiple times would be nice also

ArtisticArabian 22F  
6 posts
11/16/2019 3:43 pm

Dealer's choice

luvs2getsukdoff2 54M  
75 posts
11/16/2019 4:26 pm

I would love to cum in every one of your holes and all over your body!!

Lickingpussy6968 38M
20 posts
11/16/2019 4:29 pm

In your mouth in your pussy pretty much any where you wanted!

lookingtoplay145 62M
127 posts
11/16/2019 4:47 pm

I would rather make you cum in my mouth, and then 6 or 7 times more.

Yankeefrmpa 39M
1 post
11/16/2019 5:28 pm

Well, I would cum pick you up first. So I'd at least cum once for sure.... Hopefully more but at least once

eastlos1516 63M
21 posts
11/16/2019 10:27 pm

cum in mouth then begin moving downwards

Gizmo197695 44M  
5 posts
11/17/2019 8:15 am

oh in a heart beat. i think we would both cum multiple times but i would make sure you cum first.

CP9100 34M
1 post
11/17/2019 11:52 am

Cum multiple for sure

RedDragon8469 48M

11/17/2019 3:45 pm

I’d fuck you till we were both raw and exhausted, cum in your mouth, pussy and ass, fuck I want you

love2lick_you 53M  
166 posts
11/17/2019 5:22 pm

Anywhere, everywhere, and often, but my most intense orgasms are from cumming in her mouth.

Lickasauras69 64M  
21 posts
11/18/2019 11:47 am

I would cum in your mouth and then get a deep passionate kiss from you.

newbie19625 57M
51 posts
11/19/2019 9:38 am

I'd cum where ever you wanted and yes, more than once!!

RDub666 40M
27 posts
11/19/2019 1:46 pm

I would cum in your mouth and then wherever else you wanted !

FWBlookingnow 42M
27 posts
11/20/2019 3:28 am

You are so hotπŸ˜‰

Bull_mature 57M  
41 posts
11/20/2019 10:58 am

Performance at your command

Newtooly143 38M
53 posts
11/20/2019 1:12 pm

At least one each in your mouth, pussy and somewhere on your body. Ladies choice.

segabot 47M
18 posts
11/21/2019 10:44 am

Can I do both

SuckMy8Plus 54M
223 posts
11/21/2019 6:42 pm

I'd ove to spurt my hot cum a over you.

vagatariun 62M
118 posts
11/23/2019 8:58 am

Just your photo arouses my member...ship!

Knut189 55M
29 posts
11/23/2019 9:31 am

I would like to be in chains like you at the picture and then cum, when you take up the chain ater my cum, i will try to cum again

12 posts
11/24/2019 8:43 am


wvlooking237 52M
21 posts
11/25/2019 5:21 pm

Over and over and
Over again

justjames587 54M
21 posts
11/26/2019 10:39 am

Cum several times wherever you wanted it

hmmnnm 22M
17 posts
11/28/2019 9:00 am

cum in your mouth, on your face and more than once. your a hot assfuck

dd8341 48M
37 posts
11/28/2019 9:00 am

More than once, doesn't matter to me where

2CravenMoorehead 44M
25 posts
11/28/2019 9:03 am

Many times

pobre_rata 50M  
78 posts
11/28/2019 4:39 pm

I wolud like offer a cum shower to you pretty lady

NeedFun484 38M
14 posts
11/28/2019 11:21 pm

multiple times wherever you wanted it

Dare2bnaked 59M
17 posts
11/29/2019 9:45 am

I’d cum in your mouth and you would cum in my mouth... then we’d cum kiss together! 😘

Mch3jsb 43M
8 posts
11/29/2019 10:33 am

More than once, and anywhere you wanted it

krg_89 30M  
2 posts
11/29/2019 11:57 am

Anywhere off limits?

StephanieHardcor 25F
15 posts
11/29/2019 6:02 pm

im a girl and i can squirt all over you

brow6902 55M
45 posts
11/30/2019 7:03 am

I would cum for you as often as i could and everywhere i could!! πŸ˜˜πŸ‘

ezsuckfuck4u 52M
32 posts
11/30/2019 7:54 am

My first cum loads would go into your mouth/throat for you to swallow and the french kiss me so I can taste my own cum loads too, babe! The second and third cum loads would go in your pussy and up your ass hole , then after I was done I would eat my own cream pies out of you and suck and tongue fuck your ass and pussy until you climaxed again and enjoy all of our cum loads to eat from us both!

Available4now2pl 51M
13 posts
11/30/2019 11:32 pm

I love cum

mwmforfun_69 42M
3 posts
12/2/2019 12:03 pm

i would cum more than once: on your face in your mouth where ever

Takeithard833 41M
14 posts
12/2/2019 7:44 pm

Cum in all your tight holes and all over your face and tits

TheWolfe84 35M
15 posts
12/4/2019 5:17 pm

Pussy for sure. I would love to breed you.

pleagain 54M
57 posts
12/5/2019 2:43 am

cum anywere you want. paint your hot body to mmmmmm

luv4me45 55M
27 posts
12/5/2019 8:43 am

I wound cum for you over and over

khan201972 53M
210 posts
12/5/2019 6:40 pm

i cum any where you want me too

heropara 48M  
47 posts
12/5/2019 7:22 pm

I would love to cum whereever you wanted me to.

Slim1der100 46M
119 posts
12/6/2019 10:48 am

I will make it my personal mission, to CUM, in all 3 holes! At least twice, in each hole.πŸ˜‘πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ•³πŸ’―

damnitjd 43M
32 posts
12/6/2019 1:36 pm

you're so hot, I'd do whatever you want

Dare2bnaked 59M
17 posts
12/6/2019 5:47 pm

It would be fun to see a similar poll for females where they voted on their number one place to have a guy cum

LightenItUp06 59M
18 posts
12/6/2019 6:12 pm

Definitely would like more than once.

smallpenis2tease 60M
59 posts
12/7/2019 11:36 am

Cum for you more than once -- in your mouth

Sxyhungmarine696 44M
17 posts
12/7/2019 2:27 pm

cum in you all day and night....

jay69kl 36M
17 posts
12/7/2019 9:25 pm

I would love to cum all over you

13 posts
12/11/2019 5:23 am

Cum in you mouth and all over, then do the same to me.

Jdhot4Tg 62M  
515 posts
12/12/2019 8:18 pm

MMM your hot Cumpletely Naked

Jdhot4Tg 62M  
515 posts
12/12/2019 8:23 pm

MMM Cumpletely Naked

exhibicionista46 44M
156 posts
12/13/2019 1:14 pm

todas las veces que quieras y donde quieras

niceone458y 48M
21 posts
12/15/2019 8:29 pm

I will make sure you cum multiple orgasms while I cum as often as you allow me and where ever you want me to

calbird 47M
28 posts
12/18/2019 9:19 am

I'd love to get together if you are up for it

Bigguccisosa21 29M
33 posts
12/27/2019 10:11 am

Yes baby 4267773

Bigguccisosa21 29M
33 posts
12/27/2019 10:11 am


Bigguccisosa21 29M
33 posts
12/27/2019 10:25 am


Bigguccisosa21 29M
33 posts
12/27/2019 10:26 am

Anything for you

montecarlo37 41M
298 posts
12/28/2019 6:40 am

cum over and over again.. and again...

hurricane6868 52M

12/28/2019 6:26 pm

id cum more than once but so hot when a woman sucks my cum down

GreenEyedGuy1968 51M
87 posts
1/2/2020 7:36 pm

Definitely more than once and anywhere you would want it!

Funguysnj 46M
16 posts
1/4/2020 5:11 am

Always cum more than once, sometimes the first is fast, then you can last longer.

slydin 62M
24 posts
1/4/2020 6:22 am

Damn you are so sexy I would have to take vitamins anhydrate the coming would never stop it would be one right after another

Redshot913 29M
17 posts
1/4/2020 1:34 pm

I would love to! If I lived closer...

superlickit 59M
1 post
1/9/2020 4:39 am

hcivarekj at yippy yah first word is backwards

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